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We are husband and wife adventurers, lovers of Jesus, and traveling enthusiasts. 

We dream of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, joining in on vegan feasts, living in a tiny house, and  being surrounded by breathtaking scenery! Our hearts jump for excitement at the plans of an elopement in the snowy mountains or the beautiful desert. Whether we are hiking with our adorable pups and backpacks or our wedding outfits and camera gear, we are always down for an adventure.

We love each other, and because we do, we want to love you! We want to take on the challenge of being your wedding photographers. To capture the beauty that we have come to know that love brings. Capturing your smiles, your laughter, and your tears. May the pictures that we present to you be a reminder to choose love even in the toughest seasons. That the love which you and your best friend share is one of a kind and should be treasured.


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