“Blessed to be a blessing”

In 2012 I went overseas to study photography in a school that I had never heard of before, but I was clearly led to be a part of it. Going to YWAM Herrnhut was such a wonderful opportunity from the Lord. Most of the time when we go to school we are taught how to use our skills and talents to benefit ourselves. The benefits usually play into getting a good income and making a way for ourselves to accomplish getting what we desire. Yet, during my schooling I was taught something different. ‘Blessed to be a blessing’ was a phrase and a culture that was drilled into me from the moment I entered school for the first time, until the day I left and has continued to be a huge part of my life. I learned that the Lord gave me talents, not to seek my own benefit, but the benefit of others. Not to seek out my desires, but to seek God and allow him to give me the things he desires for me. Not to use as a blessing when I’m nice and comfortable in my income, but to use to help others even when it requires trusting Him to provide for me.

As a girl that grew up in the United States I have been able to live very comfortably. Even when my family considered our income to be low we never went hungry, always had a roof over our heads, had a vehicle, and had plenty of clothes. The majority of us that grew up in the States have never known true hunger. We’ve never had to walk without shoes in sand that was so hot it made us cry. Showers and flushing toilets have never been far away. And being in a pimp’s possession hasn’t been something we’ve ever come close to.

Yet, for many around the world (including in the US) these challenges are the basics of life. Project 127 is my way of helping those that don’t have the easy life that I’ve been blessed with. Just as I was taught and as God calls me to I want to bless others because God has blessed me. Whether a blessing is needed in the area of finances, of teaching people skills that they can use to get income, with prayer and love, or any other area I want to help invest into their needs.

James 1:27 says

“Religion that God the father accepts as pure and faultless is this:

to look after the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep

oneself from being polluted by the world.”


For me this is such a deep and impacting verse. Although this verse only talks about helping orphans and widows, the heart behind this verse is to not only help them, but anyone in need. And not only does it call us to help others, but it requires us to seek God and keep ourselves from aligned with the will of God. To me a huge part of that is not being selfish with what we have and looking into the interest of others.

Project 127 is going to be my way of thanking God for all that he’s given to me and doing something to about it, being grateful for my blessings and using them to bless others.  Through Project 127 I will support missionaries, invest in ministries that are tailored to care specifically for orphans and widows, give to organizations that prevent human (sex) trafficking, and help in teaching others skills that they need to provide for their families by investing 10% of each photo session package price into one of them.

If you have an interest in one of these areas get excited! When you book a session you will be able to choose where you want your 10% to go.  The following will be your options:



*Noelle Kong*

Noelle was one of my amazing roommates when I was in school. Experiencing Germany with her was awesome and experiencing the teachings of Jesus with her was even more so. This lovely young lady is from Singapore, but after graduating YWAM Herrnhut she decided to go back and work on staff (wich is volunteer work). Noelle is very creative, so she makes adorable crafts to raise money for Not For Sale. You can check out what she is creating on her blog!

*Nicole Redmond*

Nicole is working in Caracus, Spain with the YWAM base there. She has dreamt of moving to Spain for years and she was provided with that opportunity to so this past year. She is working hard investing into the lives of people around her, spreading the name of Jesus. You can check her journey out here.

*Amanda Crawford*

Amanda is the girl that I went to for discipleship when I was in school. With God and a few other people she has helped to begin a new YWAM base. She is based out of Florida working to raise up passionate Christians who will spread the name of Jesus to the nations. Check out YWAM Sarasota.

*YWAM Herrnhut*

This is the school that in the beginning I was telling you I had no idea about. YWAM stands for Youth With A Mission. It’s a life changing Christian school that creates missionaries who passionately love Jesus. The YWAM Herrnhut base has such a trusting heart behind it and the people that run it fully rely on the instructions of God. This school changed my life forever and I want to help them along in their journey to do the same for others.


Anti- Sex Trafficking


Not For Sale

Not For Sale is an organization that fights modern day slavery around the world. Helping to prevent sex trafficking and stopping the trafficking already taking place, this organization works hard to provide a way out for those under the control of a pimp and do their best to stop the business.

Orphans & Widows

 World Hope Missions Kenya

This organization is led by a God fearing man names John Oltuki. He lives in Bungoma, Kenya and he works there leading a team to help those who have been orphaned and widowed around him. He works hard to bring the name of God everywhere he goes whether by prayer, teaching, preaching, or anything else he has on his heart. John also works in the UNHCR Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya.

Teaching for Success

The Giving Lens

The Giving Lens is an organization that provides the opportunity for photographers to travel and teach others how to use a camera. This can be such a helpful tool. Just like I use photography to provide my income this organization can help others who don’t have a skill to develop one and have a way to work. This will be my way of providing the finances to send photographers out to teach. Find out more about them on their website.




*** This project will begin Jan 1, 2014 ***

You are welcome to make a donation to one of the above at any time.