February's Marriage Advice


This week a gentleman told me something that I've heard several times since we got married. "Be a student of your husband and tell your husband to become a student of you," he said. While considering this again this week, I've realized how often people's outlook on marriage is that their spouse should be doing everything that they want. But they rarely take time to study their spouse and delight in giving and serving.

Can I just say that marriage should not be a game of Monopoly! It's not about one person winning by getting everything that they want. A healthy marriage is constant sacrifice. It's serving one another and putting the other person's needs about your own. It's dying to yourself to truly love the one with whom you've become one. It's just about sexual pleasure, but rather the friendship between you.

Monthly Challenge: 
- Think of two things that you know that your spouse (or possible future spouse) appreciates and loves. Specifically things that are a challenge for you. Then plan a time to love them by doing those things. 
- Study your spouse. Look for the little things that make them happy!

Example: Daniel loves skateboarding and I do not. Therefore, a loving thing for me to do is to plan a time to go to the skatepark with him and watch him have fun! Maybe I could even try to push the board around and hope that I don't bust my behind.

Okay! Get to planning!