Westward Bound

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After a long year of waiting, the time has finally come to journey on another cross-country road trip. It has become sort of a summer tradition since Noel + I started dating. I’m excited for our most recent addition to the family, our pup Eli Noah, to be traveling with us for the first time. I’m also excited to be taking our well-seasoned road trip companion, Ella!  I’m looking forward to the new memories that will be made. One of my favorite things about our extended road trips is the dramatic change in scenery from a place that has become well known to me, to a place that I have not explored yet. There are several places along the way that we have seen before, but they are so breathtaking that they are worth seeing over and over again. Many are brand new places, and for that I could not be more ecstatic. I can’t wait to get many hours of photography practice of the beauty that surrounds me. Lately I’ve been deeply enjoying a couple of new lenses and it is a blessing to be able to have them for this trip. Visiting a new country doesn’t hurt either! I am determined to avoid paying camping fees, as much as possible, by sleeping in National Forests, BML lands, Crown lands, and free campgrounds. We’ll see how that goes! We are hoping to be blogging quite a bit and posting many pictures. I can’t wait to share our adventures with you!!

We are planning to do a few styled shoots along the way, so if you or some people you known are newlyweds that would enjoy free pictures in the areas that we will be going through, have them send us an email! We would also love to hear from those of you that are engaged!