Welcome to Canada!

Crossing the border from Montana, United States to Alberta, Canada was extremely fun. Somewhat nervous that he would realize that we were tricking him, we convinced Sam that we were headed to Washington. We said that we had to take a crazy round about way that made us drive extremely close to the Canadian border. He believed it! I mean, he really believed it! We pulled up to the Canadian border and although he was wondering why we had to go through the weird stop, he was caught by surprise as we pulled up to the window and the border patrol asked him why he was going to Canada. Did I mention that he was driving?! Maybe we should have warned him before we pulled up to the window! We ended up having to go in to the building for questioning. It probably seemed a little crazy that he didn’t know he was entering Canada, but after questioning us intimidatingly, they said that we could continue on.  Banff, here we come! 

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