Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Our first planned stop was at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. As we drove towards the park Daniel and I got really excited for Sam to see the place we called our favorite park after last year’s road trip. Driving through the park, our hearts were hopeful to see wildlife as we had the year before and we were not let down. Although we saw just a few buffalo instead of the three hundred from last year, we still enjoyed the other animals. We started by playing hide and go seek with the prairie dogs. Then driving through the windy and scenic roads, we found beautiful wild horses! We saw the same ones that we photographed last year along with a few new ones. Wild turkeys ran across the street as we approached them, so that was new for us! Daniel went off on his own and explored a little and even found a few small caves. Up until this point, it is still our favorite National Park to see wildlife in! 

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