Garden of the gods (Shawnee National Forest), Illinois

We are thoroughly enjoying our free campsites along the way. Shout out to for helping us find awesome locations! The first night of the road trip we slept on a patch of grass in Shawnee National Forest. Whoever was responsible for allowing dispersed camping in all national forests in the U.S deserves an award.  After waking up we decided to visit Garden of the gods, IL because it happened to be a few minutes away. We explored the place and enjoyed walking around and climbing the rocks. The rock formations were fascinating and the view from the top of these rocks was worth the trip. 

By the way, we haven’t mentioned yet that all along the way we are surprising our friend Sam with what he is seeing. He doesn’t know where we are going until we arrive and even then, we sometimes try to trick him by telling him that we are just passing through. It’s quite fun to see his expression as the beautiful views capture his attention and the surprised really get him! 

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