Fight For Love Launch

We are so incredibly excited and ready for this change! We will no longer be running under the name Jennifer Noel Photography. Daniel and I have thought long and hard about what we want to see for our business, what we love, what our goals are, and what we want to bring to the people that we work with. 

Fight For Love is about just that, fighting for what is precious to us. It could be our spouse, family, friends, dreams, hobbies, business, beliefs, courage, confidence, creativity, time, and a million other things. Sometimes this world takes us by surprise. It takes our energy and our time. Often people fight for the wrong things. We can get too caught up in work to realize we haven't spent time with the people we love. We say we want to learn this or that, and when do we? We are told lies about ourselves. Condemning words that take away our confidence. Well, we are going to stand up and choose to fight for what we love! 

One of our main focuses is on marriage. Of course as wedding photographers we are constantly watching two people that love each other commit their lives to one another. Our weekends consist of "I do's" and "Until death do us part". But, the reality of the matter is that we know that not every marriage lasts. It's sad, but it's true. Because of this we have an exciting area of this new business that will be aimed at helping couples "through thick and thin" remember how to love one another, how to fight for their 'forever'. 

As a newly married couple ourselves, we will be taking lessons learned in our own lives, and using them to hopefully encourage our brides and grooms! We all fail at loving perfectly, but we can most definitely be on a continuous path of learning how to love one another better! To do this, our goal is to send out something like a monthly newsletter. We still have to figure out the details for it, but we will hopefully be starting it soon! 

As excited as we are, this is also a scary step! For years we have been recognized by the same name. So, we almost feel like we are starting over as we rebrand ourselves. SO, we would love as much help as possible by spreading the news. Share this post via social media as much as you want! :)

If you are not one of our brides or grooms, but you would like to receive the newsletter, please send us a message!