My Heart's Treasure

My heart is full! Yesterday marked three years of being with Daniel. I remember when he accidentally stole my heart. Friendship, late nights, and vulnerability steered my heart towards a deep love for him. And that day, when he gently ran his fingers through my hair and his eyes looked deep into my soul… that was the day I wanted him to be by my side forever. I had considered it many times before that, but that day my heart completely melted. Now, after being married for a little over a year, my heart still melts when I see his hands reaching for my hair. Marriage is not a fairytale. Everything is not perfect. And yet, somehow it’s incredibly beautiful! There’s such a deep intimacy that my words can’t describe.

God is so good! I do not and will never deserve the love he shows me. I am blessed beyond words to know my King and for Him to have given me a man that is always looking out for me. Daniel is faithful to always do his best to love me, and for that I am forever grateful! 

Plus, he makes me feel like a model, so thats a bonus! LOL

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