Mount Assiniboine

What is life, but a constant journey into the unknown? On the road everything seems to be a constant surprise. From town to town, campsite to campsite, and experience to experience it is all brand new at every moment.

About a week ago Daniel & I went on a backpacking journey from Mount Shark in Banff, Alberta Canada to Mount Assiniboine, British Columbia, Canada. Every day had us on our edge, but in an exciting sense! The first and second day was sunny and bright. However, we started hiking at around 8pm the first night and after five hours (three hours in the dark) we finally made it to our campsite. For five hours we sang, beat on our stove, and made crazy noises to keep the bears away. Day three was rainy, but not enough to constantly keep the rain gear on. So, hiking was a process, as we had to stop several times to take our gear off and on. After a few hours of hiking we hit a steep incline on which we had to push our bodies to get through. After ascending a mountain peak, we could finally see the view of our destination. Continuing on in the cloudy, drizzly weather, we began to hike through patches of snow. Eventually we made it to the campsite, booked it to the lake in time to make some dinner, hung the food, and walked back to our tents to get warm before the sun light completely went away. (By the way, the sun set around 10:30-11:00pm!) We woke up on the fourth day to sleet hitting the tent. The sound was beautiful! After climbing out of our tent to the cold, once again cloudy, atmosphere we packed up before the rain hit again and began our hike out. Sore and tired of the cold rain, we made it half way back to the car. Thankfully the view was worth the pain of our fingers feeling like they were about to fall off. Day five Daniel and I were ready to see the car again. After more rain, cold weather, and many conversations about food cravings, we made it back to the car! Thankful that we didn’t see any bears, we through off our backpacks to relieve our shoulders, and hoped in the car ready for some delicious vegan pizza! 34 miles of backpacking and many wonderful experiences later we hit the road again to head towards Seattle, WA. 

... Just wait until you see the images towards the end!

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