Glacier National Park, Montana

It was a blessing to go back to Glacier National Park and visit the same location we were at last year. It was refreshing to see a place that is far away from home yet familiar. We jumped into the lake that is nothing more than melted snow and refreshed ourselves after a long time on the road. There was still snow on the mountaintops even though the temperature outside was pretty warm. Bathing ourselves consisted of lathering up on the shore and then taking a dip in the water as quickly as possible before the water froze our bodies. It was cold enough that taking another dip felt unbearable, yet as soon as we exited the water we felt extremely refreshed. As if we had just gotten days worth of sleep and then woke up and immediately had five shots of espresso. So, if you need a morning coffee substitute, just head to some glacier water and take a natural bath!

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