Girl Date With Jess


Jess + I-4.jpg

Around these parts, most people get excited when it snows. Some people mix fear of driving in with that excitement and some people just can't wait to get out of school or work. Two days ago I made plans to have breakfast with a friend who I hadn't seen since before Daniel and I were even engaged. Needless to say, it's been a while! So, yesterday morning I woke up excited to chat over coffee. I left the house as the sky was causally allowing a few very tiny snow flakes to land in a scattered pattern on my wind shield. Continuing on my way the snow began to fall quicker and with flakes a size that you could actually see a pattern. I was very excited! As we chatted over breakfast and coffee the sky outside turned white. I drove home from our awesome girl date dreaming of winter weddings! So, although I didn't go out and photograph a girl in a dreamy dress with a lovely bouquet of flowers, I did photograph a lovely girl! A girl who one day I will see wearing a dreamy dress and I'll have to take pictures of her with some pretty flowers! (Hint, hint Josh!)

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She was so sweet she even took a few pictures of me enjoying the snow!