Engagement Session Tips

We are so excited to be photographing Shelby + Ben's wedding tomorrow! And as we prepare for their wedding, we keep thinking about how fun their engagement session was! So, below are some tips for engagement sessions.

To start, let me point out some reasons why engagement sessions are wonderful. It is important for a photographer and the couple to get to know each other before their wedding day. It's not necessary, but it is very helpful! Engagement sessions give opportunity for a relationship to form. On a wedding neither the couple or the photographer want to feel like expectations were not made clear. So, it gives you the opportunity to work together and clarify simple things. For example, some people want tons of kissing pictures and some don't want any. Some people have a preferred side of their body, and some people don't like specific poses. On top of all that engagement sessions provide the bride + groom with pictures to display at their reception.

Now for the tips
- Plan a time where the sun will not be directly overhead. Harsh sun can create shadows that aren't very flattering. 
- Bring props. Think about them ahead of time so that you can create a theme with them.
- Choose a location that represents the couple's personalities. After all, the pictures are about them.
- Scout the location beforehand. This is not always possible, but it is good to have in mind where you would like to take pictures. (For us, this is not something we require our clients to do. Scouting is something I recommend for photographers.)
- Plan outfits that work well together. In other words, don't wing it. This helps to stylize your pictures. We suggest neutral colors or pastels.
- Brides, get your makeup and hair done. It's a trail run for what you want on your wedding day. 

That's all for now! We hope that helps!