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We believe in using the gifts and passions instilled in us in a way that brings glory to the Creator of all things.

We are a husband and wife team that loves to photograph other people who have found someone to love and to love them back. We remember what it was like to get married and begin this adventure together, so we love capturing the butterflies, giggles, and special moments on the day that a woman becomes a wife and a man a husband. 

Our many conversations are of the outdoors, traveling, and new experiences. When a breeze of fresh air fills our lungs, we feel alive, ready to take on challenges and step foot into new places. Our love for photography grows from nature and the beauty that surrounds us, from the different landscapes and views this world holds.  

Some Of Our Favorite Things:
Photography, alone time with Jesus, worshipping in song, traveling, backpacking, nature, plants, food, snuggling under the warm covers when it's cold outside, art, colors, helping others, laughing until it hurts, golden hour, gorgeous bouquets, counting shooting stars, skateboarding, mountain biking, animals (including bugs), bottles that actually keep our drinks cold, eating organic and vegan, and friends and family.


You are unique and beautifully made. Your story is different and special. We desire to capture the beauty of each individual seen through our shutters and to express within a photograph the significance of their being. After all, why do we fall in love? Because there is a person, unlike any other that has enamored us, kept our secrets, and listened while we shared our heart's desires. So, whether your wedding is in Atlanta where we live or across the planet, we are ready to put on our adventure shoes and capture your story!